Accounting Reforms in Municipalities: The Case of Bangalore City Corporation

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Hawking double- entry at the local level

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Many a problem in Municipal accounting

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Business Intelligence As IA Tool

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Expectations Gap: Real or Virtual: Issues for Professional Services Industry

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Implementing Modern Accounting in Municipalities-Key Issues and Role of Chartered Accountants

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Financial Management – Indian Trends

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XGRL: XBRL for Reporting in Government

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M-RiCM Risk Analytic Model – The Case of a Telecom Company

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Demand Side of Accountability: A Policy and Research Perspective

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Triple Bottom Line for MBA Students: Skills, Competencies, Values

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Managing accounting reforms in local bodies

Authors Name: Ashok Rao

Article on Making smart cities financially smart

Authors Name: Ashok Rao
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Opportunities for Chartered Accountants in Public Finance

Authors Name: Ashok Rao
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MTFP for a Municipal City Corporation in Karnataka State

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Framework to understand behavioural influences on Cybersecurity Culture of Organisations

Authors Name: K R Praveena
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Article titled ‘PFM Actions by Indian States to Combat COVID-19’ appeared on IMF’s PFM Blog. (May 21st 2020)

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Article on XV Central Finance Commission’s recommendations on public debt management in Deccan Herald dated 31st March 2021

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Article titled ‘Towards audited financial statements of Urban Local Bodies in India: Key issues and way forward’ co-authored with Mrs. K R Praveena and published in CA Journal of ICAI in January 2022.

Authors Name: Ashok Rao, 2014, 01/01/2022,
ISBN no. 978-81-926675-6-0

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