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Ashok Rao
Senior Consultant & Executive Director

  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Countries of Experience
    Sri Lanka
    Middle East
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Ashok specializes in public finance and governance and works with governments in designing and implementing reform programs to solve present day governance challenges. He also helps governments implement process transformation initiatives in public financial management and service delivery. He has certifications in the areas of Public Finance Management, Climate Finance, and Public Policy.He serves as a short-term consultant to the World Bank Group in the area of Public Finance.

He is a special invitee of the Committee on Public and Government Financial Management of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and was instrumental in drafting seven Accounting standards for local bodies. Ashok is a regular trainer on various public finance topics. He regularly publishes articles in various journals and blogs on public finance topics. When not at work, Ashok enjoys reading, listening to music, and exploring spirituality.

Ashok Rao’s Area of Expertise

Core Compentencies
  • Public Finance and Governance
  • Design and Implementation of Reform Programs
  • Process Implementation and Transformation in PFM
Industry Experience
Public Sector - Central, State & Local Governments, Development Agencies, Government Companies, Boards and Authorities, State Audit Institutions.

Private Sector - MSMEs in Engineering, Food Processing, IT, Telecom, BFSI, Cement, Building Materials, Healthcare and Hospitality sectors.

Not-for-Profit Organisations - NGOs engaged in micro finance, urban civic reform, e-Governance.

Ashok Rao's Publications

Article titled ‘Towards audited financial statements of Urban Local Bodies in India: Key issues and way forward’ co-authored with Mrs. K R Praveena and published in CA Journal of ICAI in January 2022.

Authors Name: Ashok Rao, 2014, 01/01/2022,
ISBN no. 978-81-926675-6-0

Article on XV Central Finance Commission’s recommendations on public debt management in Deccan Herald dated 31st March 2021

Authors Name: Ashok Rao
Deccan Herald, 05/05/2022,

Article titled ‘PFM Actions by Indian States to Combat COVID-19’ appeared on IMF’s PFM Blog. (May 21st 2020)

Authors Name: Ashok Rao
IMF, 21/05/2020,

MTFP for a Municipal City Corporation in Karnataka State

Authors Name: Ashok Rao
MAGC, 01/12/2019,

Opportunities for Chartered Accountants in Public Finance

Authors Name: Ashok Rao
MAGC, 01/06/2017,

Article on Making smart cities financially smart

Authors Name: Ashok Rao
MAGC, 01/09/2016,

Managing accounting reforms in local bodies

Authors Name: Ashok Rao

XGRL: XBRL for Reporting in Government

Authors Name: Ashok Rao
MaGC, 01/03/2012,

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