Process Taxonomy for the Education Sector

The Assignment
ShikshaLokam is an initiative of Advaith Foundation, working towards developing education leadership on the Societal Platform. MaGC was engaged by ShikshaLokam for producing a taxonomy of processes in the government education sector.

MaGC Approach
The approach was to build a taxonomy that could contain not only current processes observed on the ground but also processes that ideally need to be in place for complete service delivery. From the beginning, the taxonomy structure was kept simble and flexible so that more and more processes can be added on to it as better understanding emerges. The methodology included structured interviews, document review, stakeholder discussions, and brainstorming with experts to make the listing as comprehensive as possible.

The Output
The final output, the Process Taxonomy, was an inventory of processes structured in a logical order. For each process, it contains basic data such as the function to which the process is mapped, a brief description of the process, the process owner, and the key process output.

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